Occupational Health

stethoscopeHealthier Business UK Ltd was established in 2007 to solely concentrate on the provision of new starter health screening services for the UK’s medical recruitment sector. Our knowledge and reputation means that Healthier Business UK Ltd, are a leading provider and successfully manage compliance for around 350+ agencies within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Healthier Business UK Ltd directors operate independently and have no ties within the recruitment sector. Also, Healthier Business UK Ltd, are proud to announce that all of our agencies have passed their LPP, GPS and HTE audits, in addition to this 90% of our agencies achieved a platinum results. Healthier Business UK Ltd, have also achieved a 100% platinum result for our own independent audits.

Why do I need it?

As you are mostly likely aware all companies working with the relevant NHS Framework Agreements are responsible for ensuring they appoint either their own Occupational Health Provider or a suitably qualified team who meet the current requirements/guidelines.

Standards we adhere to:

Healthier Business UK Ltd will ensure that your candidates undergo comprehensive health screening and have current immunisations and test results.

All staff who are working with our framework clients will have the necessary qualifications and competencies to undertake the work.

Prior to undertaking any work for a new client we will always supply evidence of our compliance with the relevant legislation. As a business we feel it is best to be transparent, so simply stating that we meet the current requirements is not good enough this is why evidence will always be supplied. We will also supply evidence of our independent audit results and references from other clients using our services.


The compliance issues surrounding NHS Framework Agreement are often complex but we understand these and work with you to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations and that you are operating within the relevant framework agreement.

How does it work?

They are many ways to utilise our screening services and these include:

  • Option 1: Questionnaires along with pathology reports are uploaded to our secure server
  • Option 2: Questionnaires along with pathology reports sent in an encrypted email

Issuing fitness certificate/notification of failure

After the questionnaires and pathology reports have been screened we will issue a fitness to work certificate stating either fit for EPP or Non EPP on a same day basis or within 24 hours of submission.

If the candidate is deemed non-compliant and subsequently fails our screening process in relation to outstanding immunity not submitted, we will issue a notification of failure to the candidate detailing the outstanding immunity and any recommendations we may have in order for them to achieve clearance at a later date. We will also conduct a telephone assessments for candidates requiring further input.

Working with you

Communication is key in new starter screening; employees want to know why they are being asked to undertake tests and what the benefits are to them.

We can help you in providing your employees with information about who we are, what we do and what they can expect of our company. In our experience, the better informed the employee is, the more cooperative they are and the easier it is to identify and manage any potential health problems.


Throughout the screening process your designated nurse will supply you with regular updates and reports

Your designated nurse will work with you on a daily basis to ensure you reach 100% compliance and notify you of any changes that need to be taken on board.

Healthier Business UK Ltd also provide free support to all our clients working within the framework agreements.

Healthier Business UK Ltd are, the only supplier to date May 2012 who have achieved a platinum award from Neuven Solutions Ltd. The audit result achieved clearly shows we are fully compliant and our processes are robust including the verification processes for IVS results.

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