Client Update – Occupational Health

12 August 2013

Healthier Business UK Ltd, are delighted to provide the following update for all clients.

As you are no doubt aware, the whole ethos of Healthier Business UK Ltd is to provide an open and transparent service, which exceeds all minimum industry standards. Over the past year we have been working extremely hard on all fronts, to ensure that these goals are achieved.

Some of the key areas are as follows:


Although Healthier Business UK Ltd signed a partnership agreement with a SEQOSH accredited business in September 2012 we have continued to undergo accreditation.

We currently employ a team of specialists who’s, sole focus is to assist us with achieving SEQOSH by March 2014. It is our belief that despite being fully compliant, our clients will rightly have an expectation that we should achieve accreditation for our business.

There is no doubt that we will achieve SEOQSH accreditation for Healthier Business UK Ltd, well within the confirmed deadline of March 2014.

External Audits

Neuven Solutions:

In 2012 we appointed Neuven Solutions as independent auditors and as part of this agreement we are audited once a year over a five day period. As part of this process we are scored against all the relevant NHS Framework standards.

Since our agreement was signed we have twice scored a platinum result with the most recent audit score being 100%. The full audit report is available to all clients and this has also been sent to all NHS Frameworks.

Independent OH Specialist:

Since 2011 Healthier Business UK Ltd have, engaged the services of an independent OH Specialist who works for a SEQOSH accredited provider.

Part of the remit of this specialist is to conduct weekly audits of all work undertaken by Healthier Business UK Ltd. The said auditor has a clear mandate which, allows him to report any concerns not only to Healthier Business's management team but to the relevant frameworks.

ISO 9001

Healthier Business UK Ltd, are currently undertaking ISO 9001 accreditation.

ISO 9001 is an industry quality mark which will further demonstrate to our client base that there is a real focus on quality. Throughout the accreditation process we will be providing regular updates to all clients.

Since our conception back in 2007 the business has continued to grow at a rapid rate and in order to accommodate this expansion, we will be moving to new premises on the 1st October 2013.

Our new premises will allow us to continue with our plans to grow our team of clinical and administration staff. We will also be moving to a new state of the art IT system which will allow us to give our clients more real time information on the work being undertaken.

The move to our new office and IT system will be seamless so there will be no interruption to the services provided to our clients.

Note from the Directors

Since our conception the sole focus of Healthier Business UK Ltd is to provide quality yet cost effective Occupational Health services. It has always been our aim to work in an open and ethical way hence our clients are routinely informed of the high standards enforced by the business.

As directors of an Occupational Health, company we understand our responsibilities to ensure that we operate a service that is centred around patient safety. We are fully committed to working with the very best clinical staff available in order to ensure we meet our responsibilities.

When we conduct business we do so in a transparent and ethical way with a great deal of integrity. We are acutely aware of some recent publications and emails being sent to our clients. These publications and emails may well call in to question the services offered by us and other fellow competitors.

Whilst we work in a competitive market we can only hope going forward that perhaps a new ethical and integral strategy is adopted by the senders of the emails in question.