Healthier Business Group CPD accreditation

10 September 2015

Healthier Business Group are delighted to announce that we have today received formal CPD accreditation for 20 of our online courses.

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Healthier Business UK Ltd SEQOHS accreditation renewed

10 September 2015

Healthier Business UK Ltd are delighted to announce confirmation that our SEQOHS accreditation has been renewed until September 2016.

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Healthier Business UK Ltd awarded SEQOHS accreditation October 2014

16 October 2014

seqohs accreditation logo Healthier Business UK Ltd are delighted to announce confirmation of our SEQOHS accreditation as new starter screening service.

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Client Update – Occupational Health

12 August 2013

Healthier Business UK Ltd, are delighted to provide to the following update for all clients.

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Healthier Business UK Ltd awarded platinum status by Neuven Solutions Ltd

100% Platinum Audit Score

05 August 2013

Healthier Business UK Ltd, the leading supplier of compliance services to over 400 recruitment agencies, are delighted to announce that following a gruelling five day audit we have retained our platinum audit status with an overall score of 100%.

The independent audit covered all aspects of our business including:

  • Processes
  • Procedures
  • Policies
  • Occupational Health
  • DBS Checks
  • Training
  • Financial
  • Quality control
  • Gap analysis for ISO 9001
  • Evidence of compliance against NHS Frameworks -
  • Evidence that HB UK Ltd are undertaking SEQOSH Accreditation

It is our belief that the 100% score clearly demonstrates our continued commitment to quality and the high standards enforced by the business.

Healthier Business UK Ltd’s whole ethos is based upon providing clients with a quality led and transparent service. We are fully committed to meeting our obligations and exceeding industry standards.

As part of our on-going commitment to exceeding industry standards we are currently undertaking ISO 9001 and SEQOSH accreditation as evidence in our recent audit.

Healthier Business UK Ltd is on course to achieve this accreditation on “our own” without the need to work with third parties. In any case prior to the framework making the recent amendments we had already begun this process as for us, quality is paramount.

Robert Carlin, Managing Director, said, “The 100% score provides our clients with absolute assurance that by working with Healthier Business UK Ltd they will receiving nothing less than a quality and compliant service. It is very important for us as a business to demonstrate our commitment to quality and the next step will be to achieve ISO 9001 and SEQOSH which we will do in the coming months.”

SEQOHS accreditation

25 October 2012

Healthier Business UK Ltd are, delighted to announce that we will be working towards obtaining SEQOHS accreditation.

SEQOHS Accreditation is the formal recognition that an occupational health service provider has demonstrated that it has the competence to deliver against the measures in the SEQOHS Standards**.

The SEQOHS accreditation will help us to ensure that we are currently and continue to provide the very best service possible to our clients, by auditing in all areas of our business including training, quality assurance, experience, implementation of national guidelines and relationships with our clients, as well as many other aspects.

Application for the SEQOHS accreditation is done on purely voluntary basis but it is hoped that by being an Occupational Health company who have this accreditation we will provide our clients with the assurance of a high quality service. This will all be done through the use of independent validation, ensuring that all SEQOHS standards in terms of safety, effectively and quality, as a very minimum, are obtained and adhered to.

We hope that our clients will view this as part of our on-going commitment to the provision of the excellent standard of customer service and continue to set us apart from many other Occupational Health providers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for your continued business and support.

For more information on the SEQOHS standards please visit the SEQOHS website

(**The SEQOSH standards have been developed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in collaboration with a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary stake-holder group.)

Kind Regards

Robert Carlin
Managing Director

Screening for mumps immunity

27 June 2012

Fabulous news regarding screening for mumps immunity

Following our communication with NHS Employers we have today received confirmation that screening for mumps is no longer necessary. NHS Employers are the body who set the standards for all frameworks so this will be implemented as of now and will not be challenged by any audit team going forward.

I’m sure you will appreciate that even getting the smallest of concession made is extremely difficult so it is safe to say a lot of hard work went in to getting agreement. This also demonstrates our commitment to all clients and ensuring the screening standards enforced upon agencies are fair and in line with industry standards. Since 2007 we have recognised that screening for mumps immunity was not recognised by the DOH or the HPA but despite this all frameworks continued to enforce these standards. It has become more and more difficult for agencies given that many trusts do not recognise the screening and do not deem it necessary.

So what now ?

As from now all candidates will be required to provide the following:

  • Either proof of Two MMRs or;
  • A positive antibody for Rubella and Measles

In the event that the candidate does provide a negative result for mumps and does not have proof of two MMRs we will carry out a risk assessment to establish if any further MMRs are required.

As you can no doubt appreciate most of our paper work and most likely you own makes reference to requiring a mumps antibody. We will be starting to work on amending all paper work to reflect these changes and I would hope to have this to you in the next few days with further good news on another concession.

Many thanks again and should you wish to discuss this in greater detail please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Robert Carlin
Managing Director

Platinum award for Healthier Business UK Ltd

25 May 2012

Healthier Business UK Ltd has now been awarded a platinum award by Neuven Solutions Ltd.
(This is a fully independent audit carried out by Neuven Solutions Ltd. This is not relation with any governing framework)

This is fantastic news for the medical recruitment sector as Healthier Business UK Ltd is the first and only compliance service provider to achieve this accolade and it reinforces Healthier Business UK Ltd as being the UK's premier compliance service provider.

The audit looked at all aspects of our business and the services provided. This was to establish if the services provided by the business were fully compliant. The criteria were robust and intensive and we are obviously exceptionally happy that we stood up to the test.

Download Healthier Businesses most recent audit results

This achievement and recognition promotes confidence in the fact that your chosen compliance service provider has the experience and more importantly a proven track record within compliance. We will of course publish these audit results on the website once they are sent to us in the coming weeks and we will also provided you in advance with details of future audits.

We would obviously like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their continued business and support, and as a business we will endeavour to maintain and improve upon these high standards for the years to come.

Kind Regards

Robert Carlin
Managing Director

Update on Services

11 May 2012

As you are no doubt aware we are now into our second week since launching our new one stop shop for compliance services. To date we have already screened over 2000 candidates and demand for the services has been exceptionally high.

Since our launch we have worked with our clients and listened to feedback supplied which has enabled us to implement some changes to our new website/online portal. These changes include the following:

  • The ability for clients to purchase training credits (Up and running)
  • Upload button for OH forms (Should be completed within the week)
  • Candidate search function (Should be completed within the fortnight)
  • Company names added to training certificates (Up and running)
  • Notification of when a candidate completes a training course (Up and running)
  • Free trial of training services (Up and running)
  • A handbook explaining how to work our new site (Should be completed within the fortnight)
  • The ability to delete candidates (Should be completed within the fortnight)

In addition to the above we will also be adding the following:

  • An audit request form (This will allow clients to request a private audit from Neuven Solutions Ltd)
  • Free online compliance training
  • Further online training courses at no extra cost

It is our aim to continue working with our clients to better understand the challenges facing agencies thus enabling us to implement services that can assist with the compliance process. We will also be continuing to build upon our excellent working relationship with the relevant frameworks and audit teams.

As it stands we are the only compliance service provider to be audited this is something none of our competitors have done to date. We have also retained our independence whilst some competitors continue to have links with agencies whilst, not making this clear to potential customers.

At Healthier Business UK Ltd we offer a fully transparent service, which you can be confident is supplied in line with the relevant framework requirements. This is backed up by the fact that we will be fully audited with the results been provided to all clients.

Many thanks again for taking the time to read through this update and should you require any further information on any of the services offered please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards

Robert Carlin
Managing Director

Healthier Business Group launches

Wed, 28 Mar 2012

Healthier Business UK, a supplier of occupational health services to over 400 recruitment agencies, is launching the Healthier Business Group.

Robert Carlin, the Director of Healthier Business UK Ltd, told The Recruiter that it is his intention that the new HB Group continues to demonstrate the same service standards as Healthier Business UK Ltd